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Haiku Contest Winners announced

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, Community Closet had a Haiku contest #reusehaiku. The theme was Season of Rebirth & Reuse with extra points for Community Closet stores tie-ins. Haiku poems are 3 lines with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. There were 45 haiku submissions from 26 individuals and three winners were chosen from both adult and youth categories. Ms. Navratil’s Eastside 3rd Grade class undertook the project and excelled, each student’s haiku was top notch.

The judges who tackled the challenge of choosing from so many wonderful haikus, which they viewed as anonymous submissions, are Michael Earl Craig, former Montana Poet Laureate and author of six books of poetry, and Greg Keeler, MSU Emeritus Professor of English and author of nine books of poetry in addition to memoirs, a novel, plays, and satirical music albums. These accomplished poets are known for their ability to balance profound observances and beauty with irreverence.

Adult winners:

Put a plant in it

Box, shoe, hat, cup, bowl...toilet? Opportunities - Heather Muldoon

These shoes, dead to me-- Reborn on a stranger's feet At Town & Country. - Doug Fales

Cover the sofa

Mud season in ​​Montana Sheets are a dollar - Caron Cooper

Youth winners:

There are so many people trying to play games good kids and people - Carla MacDonald​​

so many glitter pink dresses, the dolls have pretty dresses too - Khijanna Wadsworth

squeezing in the gate, it is hard to pull the lambs, bottle feed bum lambs.

- Wyatt Keyes

Congratulations to everyone who participated, it was hard to choose from so much great work. Adult winners will each receive gift certificates to Community Closet valued at $100. Ms. Navratil’s entire class will win a prize and the three youth haiku winners will receive $50 gift cards to Community Closet.

Happy National Poetry Month!

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