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We appreciate your interest in donating, and we’d like it to be as easy as possible.

Donations can be accepted in the back alley only from 9 - 5, Monday through Saturday. Never leave donations outside when we are closed.

Place your donations in the yellow bins provided. If you'd like a receipt, please ask!

Thank you for your support and donations of items that can be safely resold.

Donation Guidelines

Donate thoughtfully. Donate sustainably.

We appreciate your donations of new or gently used items to sell at our stores. Thank you for donating to the Community Closet, your donations have helped give over $850,000 (and counting) back to our community! We couldn’t do it without your generosity!
We need your help to:
1.    Reduce the amount of unusable materials in our donation stream
2.    Increase staff safety and longevity
3.    Increase our customer service

Please read the following guidelines before you pack

We do not launder donations or do any repairs. Donations must come in ready to be sold.
1.)  Donations should be packed in kitchen-sized trash bags or medium boxes. Keeping the weight reasonable helps us move tons of material a day.  As a gauge, we suggest that you think about a large frozen turkey – around 25 pounds.
2.)  Please pack your donations “like with like”. It is dangerous for staff to reach into a bag that appears to be clothing and find a broken jar or a kitchen knife.
3.)  All donated items should also be:
  • Clean; and free from rips and stains.
  • In good working condition w/all original parts.
  • Free of odors and pet hair
We don’t like throwing out items because it takes so much staff time and energy and it costs money. When the incinerator was in town, the County would let us haul our waste for free. Now our waste is picked up by the City of Livingston, and we are charged by the pound – the same as any business in town.  Our increased costs to dispose hurts our bottom line and what we can give back to the community.

Some items that we cannot accept

  • Used helmets – due to safety concerns all helmets (bicycle, ski, motorcycle, construction) donated to the Closet are thrown away as we don’t know if the helmet in question has been involved in an accident, compromising its impact integrity. We want to keep our community brains safe!
  • All children’s car seats, bath seats, playpens, cribs, strollers & changing tables, front carriers & backpacks - Because of our insurance and regulatory issues. No exceptions.

  • Text books & encyclopedias-  The Internet has rendered most used reference materials immediately out of date and these books are particularly heavy.

  • Large donations of religious texts – instead please inquire with local churches.

  • Box springs w/out a matching mattress.

  • Hide-a-beds or bunk beds.

  • Most vacuums – vacuums must come in clean and with bags (if required) so it can be tested and sold.  

  • VCR tapes

  • Certain Exercise equipment -  If you would like to donate a piece of exercise equipment, please, email photos of the piece, along with the brand & model # to

  • Large appliances like stoves and refrigerators

  • Older air conditioners and humidifies

  • Older televisions

  • Printers and fax machines

  • Anything with visible mouse damage.

Once your donations are packed up and ready to go, please bring them to:

The alley behind Community Closet Thrift store located at 416 E. Park St. Please place donations in the wheeled yellow bins. We accept donations Monday-Saturday, 9-5. Never leave donations outside when we are closed.
If you have donation questions, please, call 406.222.6200 & leave a message or email questions to


Note: We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation, If you would like a receipt for your taxes, please ask! Thank you.

Valuation Guide

Thank you for your donation. To help you put a value on your donation, we have compiled the following guidelines that reflect prices in our stores. If we can’t verify if it works or if an item is incomplete, it’s free (TV’s without remotes, computers, telephones, etc.).
The Low value reflects the price for an item in good condition in Community Closet Thrift Store. The High value reflects the price for an exceptional quality item that will be sold at either Community Closet Thrift Store or Curated Closet.
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