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Community Giving Milestone

2018 was a banner year for Livingston’s philanthropic Community Closet Thrift Stores. We reached over $450,000 in giving since opening our doors in 2005. In 2018 our cash grant gifts increased 30% over last year to $46,000 and included a $5,000 grant for the Senior Center’s new roof. Thanks to the many donors, shoppers, volunteers and community organizations who have made this milestone of impact possible. You may have read the article in the Livingston Enterprise on 12/19/18.

The Community Closet’s mission is larger than providing affordable second-hand clothing and household goods; we are also one of the largest charitable foundations in Park County. When you donate or shop at the Community Closet, the Curated Closet, or the Alley Annex, you are supporting nonprofit groups and activities throughout Park County. Not only does the Community Closet Board of Directors distribute grants four times annually, but also schools and non-profits have access to no-cost merchandise from the Community Closet’s shelves.

Community Closet also creates community; we’ve been supported by more than 3,000 volunteer hours and are sensitive to creating an environment free from the traditional thrift store stigma and establishing a culture of community engagement. Community Closet Thrift Store offers a no-cost, welcoming, accepting and neutral environment where people can go any day of the week for as much, or as little, socialization as they desire. Customers are never pressured to buy anything, and there are often spontaneous parties and celebrations, special sales – and of course access to our award-winning decorated bathroom.

The final grant funding deadline for 2018 is December 30, learn more at

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