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*Update* Diaper Drive Empowers Local Families

Diaper Depot Update, November 2017: "Because of your generous grants and support, we have been able to provide 6,300 diapers to 71 children in Park County since September. Families are extremely grateful for the support and have been connecting with other services through the depot. Parents as Teachers, a home visiting program through CHP, is able bring diapers to their families. At the health department, families who are not on WIC but qualify, come in for diapers and we are able to connect them to our services, and Heather who does home visiting is able to spread the word about the depot and other services that are offered to families in our county. The depot not only is meant to help family with the burden of buying diapers but also is another way to connect families to other services they might need.

Thus far we have primarily been purchasing the diapers from our valued partner, Livingston Healthcare, and also collecting donations that are given to the Community Closet, another appreciated partner. In the future we have programs and fundraisers in the works to make this program sustainable. We will have donation bins at farmer's markets starting next summer and donation bins set up at the grocery stores. We also plan to conduct diaper drives throughout the year, including competitions between community businesses and non-profits, to involve the community and increase outreach. We will also be approaching church groups in town to gain support from the religious community and encourage donations through this source.

I would like to thank you again for the support and opportunity to start this program in Park County. It has been very well received and has proved to be a source for families to connect with the many services offered by agencies in our communities." - Janelle ​​

There’s an estimated need for 4,600 diapers a month for Park County parents in need, and participants will apply for the program, and volunteer at a fundraising event or attend a budgeting class. This program will offer more than diapers, says Bowden, “We not only want to supply diapers for families, but want to be a place for them to find other resources if needed.” She adds, “Livingston Healthcare and Community Health Partners have also been invaluable partners in this project and have helped us get it off the ground.”

In addition to the Community Closet location, diapers can be dropped off at the Park County Health Department, 414 E Callender Street in Livingston, and there will be booths at the Farmer’s Market this summer. The Park County Diaper Depot should be up and running by September.

Help empower families in need by donating disposable diapers at the Community Closet, and remember, funds raised through sales at the Community Closet and Curated Closet are reinvested in our community in the form of grants for crucial projects like the Park County Diaper Depot.

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